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Learn Backend Development the Smart Way

Welcome to the most captivating, finger-flying, addictive way to learn to code

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Why settle for mediocrity?

The only way to become a great developer is to write a lot of code

Avoid tutorial hell

by writing a ton of code

Stay motivated with

dopamine-driven development

Build portfolio projects

to prove your skills

Delve deeper

into foundational concepts

Learn flexibly online

without interrupting your life

For 1% the price of college

to minimize your financial risk

It's completely free to sign up and browse the curriculum

Join over 100,000 students learning modern backend skills

Connect directly with them and others in our flourishing online community

David Kennard from Tennessee, USA

David Kennard from Tennessee, USA

"I earned my CS degree several years ago, but after graduating was unable to land a coding job. I started Boot.dev and even before completing the full learning path I'm ecstatic to report I've started my first full-time software engineering role!"

Isaac Flath from Washington D.C. USA

Isaac Flath from Washington D.C. USA

"As the Head of Data Science at a consulting company, I constantly seek opportunities to broaden my skill set. After completing nearly the entire curriculum, I can say that Boot.dev is the ideal choice for anyone looking to learn back-end development for the real world."

Megan from Arizona, USA

Megan from Arizona, USA

"The wealth of knowledge from the hungry programmers in the Boot.dev Discord helped me land my first software developer job just a month after joining!"

Theo from Connecticut, USA

Theo from Connecticut, USA

"I've been working as a postdoc, and ever since getting my feet wet with code I have been interested in transitioning into tech. I recently completed the back-end path on Boot.dev and just landed my first professional development job!"

Özgür from Esslingen, Germany

Özgür from Esslingen, Germany

"I wanted to learn to code, but boot camp and university weren't an option because of work and family. I came across Boot.dev, and the simple path to a new career was huge for me. I now have a job-offer in hand!"

Daniel from Cássia, Brazil

Daniel from Cássia, Brazil

"I'm a senior engineer learning Go, and the pace of Boot.dev courses has been perfect for me. The members of the Discord are quick to help out with detailed answers and explanations."

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A proven path to a back-end career

It takes most students around 12 months to complete the curriculum

  • Learn in-demand back-end technologies like Python, SQL, and Go
  • Spend about 12 months if you're doing it part-time
  • There's no risk, cancel anytime
  • We don't tolerate unhappy students: ask for a refund and it's yours

Backend developers in the US earn over $100,000

Some folks might look at the job data and assume that front-end positions are better for entry-level developers because salaries are lower. On the contrary! There is both higher demand and lower supply for backend positions.

If you like working with data, logic, and servers, you might just enjoy the back-end.

It's completely free to sign up and browse the curriculum

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to learn enough to be hired?

It's completely up to you. The time it will take you to be "job ready" will depend on how much you already know, how often you study, and how long you study for. That said, the backend career path takes many people about 12 months.

Should I include Boot.dev projects in my resume and portfolio?

Absolutely! If you built it, use it. You'll build several personal projects while completing our curriculum, and our final course about finding jobs will show you how to construct a job-ready portfolio.

What is Boot.dev? A bootcamp? An online school?

We're not a $10,000 bootcamp.

We're not a $50,000 university degree.

We are a self-paced, gamified online learning platform for back-end web development. You can learn with us for the price of a gym membership.

What will I get as a member?

You can demo the first few chapters of each course with full interactivity, but after that you'll be in "guest mode" or "read only" mode. In guest mode you won't be able to complete lessons, take quizzes, or do the interactive parts of the courses.

As a paid member you get access to everything.

What makes Boot.dev different?

You can read all about our methodology here. In a nutshell, we're laser focused on teaching backend-development, which is somewhat of a rarity in online learning. We're also focused on solving what we believe is the hardest problem with online learning: boredom.

If you prefer coding rather than watching, and your struggle with online learning is staying motivated and engaged, we think you'll like learning with us.

Can I cancel my membership?

We absolutely hate dark patterns, so we've made it easy to cancel your subscription any time. You can cancel your membership any time from your settings and you won't be billed again.

Do you offer refunds?

If for any reason you feel you aren't getting enough value out of the platform, we don't want your money. We have a simple return policy. Just contact us within 30 days of your purchase you're entitled to a full refund.

Do you offer discounts for purchasing power parity?

Yes! We believe in being as fair as possible to learners around the world, and that means pricing that reflects respective earning power.

If you're seeing pricing in anything other than USD, then you're already seeing discounted pricing for your country. If you're not seeing discounted pricing, but you are from a country with lower purchasing power, please let us know and we'll get you a discount.

Can my employer pay for my membership?

Absolutely! We have team plans that let your manager pay for your membership and those of your team, while managing billing all in one place. To get started just check out the teams page. You'll need to be logged in.

Can I buy a Boot.dev membership for someone else?

For sure, just check out the gifts page. You'll be able to purchase a redeemable code that you can give to a friend.

How do I redeem my gifted membership code?

Enter your code on the redemption page to activate your membership.

My card is getting declined, what can I do?

This is almost always because your bank is rejecting international transactions (we are based in the United States and use Stripe for payments). You should be able to contact the customer service department of your credit card company or your Bank and get the transactions approved or your card unlocked.

It's completely free to sign up and browse the curriculum