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Reviews of Boot.dev

Read testimonials from current students, past students, and industry experts.

Özgür Yildirim from Esslingen, Germany

"I wanted to learn to code, but boot camp and university weren't an option because of work and family. I came across Boot.dev, and the simple path to a new career was huge for me. I now have a job-offer in hand!"

David Kennard from Tennessee, USA

"I earned my CS degree several years ago, but after graduating was unable to land a coding job. I started Boot.dev and even before completing the full learning path I'm ecstatic to report I've started my first full-time software engineering role!"

Megan Astraus from Arizona, USA

"The wealth of knowledge from the hungry programmers in the Boot.dev Discord helped me land my first software developer job just a month after joining!"

Isaac Flath from Washington D.C. USA

"As the Head of Data Science at a consulting company, I constantly seek opportunities to broaden my skill set. After completing nearly the entire curriculum, I can say that Boot.dev is the ideal choice for anyone looking to learn back-end development for the real world."

Andrei Mahalean from Canterbury, New Zealand

"As a Senior Cloud & DevOps Engineer, Boot.dev has been critical in growing my understanding of programming fundamentals. I've gained the computer science and coding skills I need to excel at my job and create internal software for the organization."

Matt S. from Los Angeles, USA

"Boot.dev teaches programming better than any other site I've tried. It has an addictive gamified system with experience points, levels and achievements. Boot.dev is exactly what it says it is, a direct path to a career as a backend developer."

Theo Beers from Connecticut, USA

"I've been working as a postdoc, and ever since getting my feet wet with code I have been interested in transitioning into tech. I recently completed the back-end path on Boot.dev and just landed my first professional development job!"

Kunal Kushwaha from India

"Boot.dev is one of the few e-learning sites that I consistently recommend. The team emphasizes all the right things: building real projects, contributing to open source, interactive vs passive learning, and going deep into the subject matter."

Daniel Gerep from Cássia, Brazil

"I'm a senior engineer learning Go, and the pace of Boot.dev courses has been perfect for me. The members of the Discord are quick to help out with detailed answers and explanations."

Warren Wang from Los Angeles, USA

"While I understand fundamentals are important, I wanted to dip my feet into some of the more modern technologies that companies and organizations use right now in production everyday. I found that Boot.dev just worked for how I wanted to learn and practice."

Erik Holland from The USA

"This platform is more than just a tutorial or even a set of tutorials. It provides a cohesive instructional track to learn coding practices and related skills, rather than single-application tasks."

Kenneth Cajigas from The UK

"This is the backend development course I wish I had found sooner. It's hands down the best dedicated backend specific course out there, with a supportive community that's always there to help you along your journey."