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Learn Algorithms

An interactive online course

Big-O complexity is arguably the most important concept students learn in a formal computer science degree. This Python course will give you the foundation you need to start your career off on the right foot. After completing this course you'll be comfortable crushing algorithm interview questions and writing performant code.

16 Hours

of material

null challenges

and quizzes


of completion

A key part of the

back-end career path

Avoid tutorial hell

by writing a ton of code

Learn flexibly online

without interrupting your life

What will you learn?

Chapter list

Learn about what algorithms are and why they matter
Learn about some of the math required to understand Big-O notation
Polynomial Time
Figure out what polynomial time means in the context of algorithms and performant code
Sorting Algorithms
Learn how data is sorted on a computer, and how to sort it faster
Exponential Time
Understand why exponential time complexity is so dangerous
P vs NP
Learn about P and NP

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